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  • Ravi Dandekar (Junior Specialist) Now at Grad School at UC Davis
  • Matthew Porter (Graduate student)
  • Daniël Melters (Graduate student) - now working for Shiv Grewal
  • Paul Lott (Graduate student)
  • Yen Duong (Master's student)
  • Ken Yu (Programmer)
  • Shahram Emami (Graduate student)
  • Genís Parra (Post-doc)
  • Kim Blahnik (Graduate student)
  • Artem Zykovich (Graduate student)
  • Matt Wong (Undergraduate student)
  • Raymond Yu (Undergraduate student)
  • Reza Garajehdaghi (Undergraduate student)
  • Rajiv Pandey (Undergraduate student)
  • Vince Ramey (Undergraduate student)
  • Alica Winquist (Undergraduate student)
  • Kalyn Records (Lab manager)
  • Parawee Lekprasert (Undergraduate student)
  • Tali Elfersi (Graduate student)
  • Yi Zhang (Undergraduate student)
About Korf Lab

Korf Lab in the news

Apr 22, 2013: The Assemblathon 2 paper has won the 2013 BioMed Central Open Data award

Dec 10, 2013: A short piece in the UC Davis Alumni Magazine that discusses the new Genomics undergraduate major that Ian Korf co-developed.

Nov 26, 2013: Ian Korf writes a News & Views piece for Nature Methods about two new comparisons of programs that work with RNA-seq data

Nov 1, 2013: Keith B. and Kristen are both featured in a piece on Inquiring Minds as part of the new One UC Davis campaign.

Nov 1, 2013: Kristen made a list of the Top 10 moments of the IMGC symposium for the SPLASH! newsletter

Oct 1, 2013: The new paper by Lemay et al., was featured in This Week in PLOS by Genome Web.

Sep 24, 2013: An article on genome assembly by My Science Work includes an interview with Keith Bradnam about Assemblathon 2 & 3.

Aug 12, 2013: Biome Magazine includes a piece that features Ian Korf discussing a novel platform for bioinformatics education (with Daniel Barker)

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