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  • Keith Bradnam (Associate Project Scientist) - headed off to London for a new career in science communication
  • Abby Yu (Graduate student) - now working for a Bay Area biotech company
  • Tiffany Ho (Undergraduate Student)
  • Ravi Dandekar (Junior Specialist) - now at Grad School at UC Davis
  • Matthew Porter (Graduate student)
  • Daniël Melters (Graduate student) - now working for Shiv Grewal
  • Paul Lott (Graduate student)
  • Yen Duong (Master's student)
  • Ken Yu (Programmer)
  • Shahram Emami (Graduate student)
  • Genís Parra (Post-doc)
  • Kim Blahnik (Graduate student)
  • Artem Zykovich (Graduate student)
  • Matt Wong (Undergraduate student)
  • Raymond Yu (Undergraduate student)
  • Reza Garajehdaghi (Undergraduate student)
  • Rajiv Pandey (Undergraduate student)
  • Vince Ramey (Undergraduate student)
  • Alica Winquist (Undergraduate student)
  • Kalyn Records (Lab manager)
  • Parawee Lekprasert (Undergraduate student)
  • Tali Elfersi (Graduate student)
  • Yi Zhang (Undergraduate student)
About Korf Lab

Korf Lab in the news

Jun 26, 2015: Keith Bradnam is interviewed by Frontline Genomics Magazine about his life in Bioinformatics.

Apr 8, 2015: Ian Korf is quoted in a Nature commentary article about Bioinformatics Service cores and the need for beter career paths for bioinformaticians.

Mar 16, 2015: Danielle Lemay is interviewed by the UC Davis News team about the new publication by herself, Kristen Beck (lead author), Ian Korf and others that describes new milk proteomes for human and macaque.

Apr 22, 2013: The Assemblathon 2 paper has won the 2013 BioMed Central Open Data award

Dec 10, 2013: A short piece in the UC Davis Alumni Magazine that discusses the new Genomics undergraduate major that Ian Korf co-developed.

Nov 26, 2013: Ian Korf writes a News & Views piece for Nature Methods about two new comparisons of programs that work with RNA-seq data

Nov 1, 2013: Keith B. and Kristen are both featured in a piece on Inquiring Minds as part of the new One UC Davis campaign.

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