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Natalie Telis

Undergraduate Student


Natalie Telis is a fourth year undergraduate double majoring in Cell Biology / Mathematics at UC Davis. She started her career as a scientist with the accidental invention of unpoppable bubbles at the age of ten. Since then her interests have matured somewhat and she joined the Korf Lab in April 2011. She is a joint student with Dr. Simon Chan (Plant Biology) currently working on a project developing bioinformatics methods to investigate levels of centromere repeat structure. Her hobbies outside of work include being confused for a grad student, feeding people, and cats. She still enjoys blowing bubbles.

Research interests

  • Genomics
  • Evolutionary Biology and Phylogenomics
  • Cancer Biology
  • Computational Modeling


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Korf Lab in the news

Dec 10, 2013: A short piece in the UC Davis Alumni Magazine that discusses the new Genomics undergraduate major that Ian Korf co-developed.

Nov 26, 2013: Ian Korf writes a News & Views piece for Nature Methods about two new comparisons of programs that work with RNA-seq data

Nov 1, 2013: Keith B. and Kristen are both featured in a piece on Inquiring Minds as part of the new One UC Davis campaign.

Nov 1, 2013: Kristen made a list of the Top 10 moments of the IMGC symposium for the SPLASH! newsletter

Oct 1, 2013: The new paper by Lemay et al., was featured in This Week in PLOS by Genome Web.

Sep 24, 2013: An article on genome assembly by My Science Work includes an interview with Keith Bradnam about Assemblathon 2 & 3.

Aug 12, 2013: Biome Magazine includes a piece that features Ian Korf discussing a novel platform for bioinformatics education (with Daniel Barker)

Aug 8, 2013: Biome, the online magazine for BioMed Central, features an extensive Q&A with Keith Bradnam about the Assemblathon 2 paper.

Jul 22, 2013: The News blog at Nature.com writes about the Assemblathon 2 paper.

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