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Paul Lott

Genetics Graduate Student


Before coming to UC Davis, I studied and worked at the University of Utah. During my undergraduate career, I worked in Jean-Marc Lalouel's lab investigating genes associated with salt-sensitive hypertension in C57BL/6 mice. While studying hypertension, I was able to delve in to the (what was then new) world of computational microarray analysis, which really started me on the path to where I am today. After receiving my B.Sc. in Biology, I was fortunate to work with Dr. Victoria Lawson studying mitochondrial fusion and function in Charcot-Marie-Tooth neuropathy type 2A in patient fibroblasts.

I am currently a PhD Candidate in the Korf lab, where I am able to combine two passions. Genetics and Computers. I'm currently to developing a flexible hidden Markov model framework called StochHMM. StochHMM allows us to rapidly create and apply HMM models to make important predictions, while allowing us to integrate varied data sources in our predictions. I've been blessed to be able to use StochHMM in a couple past and ongoing collaborations. At the moment, I'm working feverishly to get StochHMM released to the public, where I can then facilitate others in developing HMMs to further their own research.

Outside of the lab: Before moving to Davis, you could find me up in the mountains climbing and biking every day after work. I enjoy spending time with my family, providing technical support for my wife's law firm, and playing around with Arduinos.

Research Interests

Oh, if time were limitless ... In general, I am interested in developing and applying machine learning tools to mine "omics" data. While interested in many facets of genetics and bioinformatics, lack of time has currently limited me to the following:

  • StochHMM - flexible hidden Markov model framework in C++ (code.google.com/p/stochhmm)
  • Mod3 - Metagenomics gene finder
  • Sickle - Informed gene predictions
  • SkewR - R-Loop prediction in Human genome (Paul Ginno, Frederic Chedin Lab, UC Davis)
  • Methylation Domains Prediction (Diane Schroeder, Janine LaSalle Lab, UC Davis)
  • Trellis - HMM to integrate diverse data sources
  • More coming soon!!!


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